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MUNBOI's first release of 2024,

‘UNSAID’ drops 29/02.

Have a listen..

Preview 'UNSAID' below 

“You can't start the next chapter if you keep reading the old one”


About 'UNSAID'

New Single Release From MUNBOI

“MUNBOI is the definition of an artist who leaves a lot left ‘Unsaid’ - with pages of lyrics written but not shared, a voice memos app full of as yet unrecorded ideas, and entire songs and freestyles made solely for hyping up his fans on social media - never released. 2024, though, marks a new era for the Bracknell-based alt-pop chameleon - the beginning of a prolific yet purposeful return to music after a period setting up Berkshire creative collective Turntable Media. This year will see him extend his roots into his local community, premiering each song with a residency at iconic Reading bar Purple Turtle.


So there’s no better place to begin than with ‘Unsaid’, a track which came to him during a tumultuous situationship and which marked the end of his creative hibernation. Prioritising authenticity above everything, on ‘Unsaid’, and his upcoming projects, MUNBOI lets us back into his head and heart wholesale. Ever the first to acknowledge his own role as an unreliable narrator, he thoughtfully opines “It's funny how in relationships we can keep falling into the same patterns over and over again, and both parties want to breach the elephant in the room - but the right words never come out, so the cycle continues. There’s things in this track I’ve not wanted to say - and some things I maybe shouldn’t say”. Over a moody beat, accompanied with mysterious visuals, MUNBOI weaves us through his thoughts once again. “Some things are better left ‘Unsaid’. But fuck it, it’s a leap year”

Press Shots:

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"MUNBOI's drive and passion for his craft has amazed us all. Working with him has been one of the easiest and most rewarding experiences we've had as a label. We believe in his journey through music."


Get In Touch

If you have any questions or queries about 'Unsaid', please get in touch using the contact button below.

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Visual Aspect

All the images and videos for this album have been taken & edited by ShaunDagnallMedia.

To check out Shaun's work, follow the buttons below.

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