Inspire To Be Creative

MUNBOI is an Artist/ Producer/ Engineer who was an ordinary kid in a strange world, who believed he was alone in a world full of people. It wasn’t long before he realised that music wasn't only a chance to escape, it was a universal language. MUNBOI has had many accomplishments within his music career from featuring on BBC Radio 1 to winning the Abbey Road Studios Production Competition and then gaining over 200,000 plays on a single release 'Lost & Found' in only 6 weeks, off of MUNBOI's debut album 'EUDAIMONIA'.

MUNBOI also hopes to bring people closer together for a boogie or to just vibe for the ones just taking it day by day. Surrounded by a community of creative talents in the diverse and cultural music scene of the UK, MUNBOI brings an original and innovative approach to his work in production, engineering and songwriting. MUNBOI swears by making music that draws on real emotion from previous experiences, no fake sh*t.

Hopefully this can bring peace among the outcasts. 

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