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Single Release from MUNBOI & Ray Wills.

"In BOREDOM, MUNBOI teams up with long-time friend Ray Wills. The song revolves around past relationships of both artists which have seen couples cure each other’s boredom - but not love each other. Their verses dovetail beautifully, and the song has been supported internationally by Jamz Supernova on Selector Radio for the British Council, and BBC Introducing”


Debut Album Release From MUNBOI

“In his 12 track self-produced debut album 'EUDAIMONIA', MUNBOI reflects stoically on life over the past couple of years. Combining multiple genres and moods, it’s a fun, funky LP with elements of hip-hop, pop, and RnB soundscapes, which has now racked up over a million streams on Spotify alone.


This album is a reflection on MUNBOI’s past self, showcasing messages of philosophy throughout. These messages tell the story of MUNBOI’s journey, while also serving as a guide for the listener on their own path. The duality of this album is also found in its production: the pop and RnB influences make this an easy first time listen, but each time you revisit it you’ll find something new, as MUNBOI introduces shimmers of ear candy in every track to keep your mind moving.


Utilising MUNBOI’s inspirations from Tyler The Creator to Jamiroquai, this album is “for those summer days with the homies - or those rainy nights alone.” MUNBOI wishes for you to enjoy and relate to the listening experience, to take what you need, and to feel inspired."

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