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Up and coming alt-pop artist MUNBOI next EP, ‘MISSD CALLS’ and lead single ‘Runaway’,

is out now!

Have a listen..

Preview 'Runaway' below 

“The tragic beauty of losing yourself in love, is in finding yourself again afterwards through heartbreak”


About 'Runaway' & 'Missd Calls'

New Single & EP Release From MUNBOI

"In MISSD CALLS, we join MUNBOI as he navigates a breakup, with each track depicting a different emotional stage - while bringing a selection of alternative sounds inspired by genres from R&B to garage for each track. 

'Runaway' is the lead single from MUNBOI's next EP 'Missd Calls' (due August 17th), which focuses on the stages of emotional detachment after a breakup. 'Runaway' is the reflection of the final stage: coming to peace with the love that we must let go - and moving on. We hear MUNBOI wistfully look at an alternate life where everything worked out and he could ‘Runaway’ with his ex - then realise that everything is the way it's supposed to be. Ever the shapeshifter, on ‘Runaway’ again MUNBOI incorporates new influences into his music, making for a high energy indie hyperpop style track, ideal for bouncing in the sun.

In 'Feelings', MUNBOI is in denial. Over a jazzy guitar-led beat, he opens his heart to his ex and pours out the part of himself which still loves them - and also wants the best for them.'Feelings' is the first stage of reflection after a break up, even though many emotions circulate our brains at this time you just want your partner to be happy even though it hurts, MUNBOI processed this by sitting in the rain dramatically listening to Joji. 'Feelings' was inspired by that R&B/ Hip-Hop sound with a blend of smooth tones and powerful lyrics filled with emotions this track is the perfect chill track to sit and reminisce to.

Then on 'Kinda Suck', that denial turns to frustration in a record which feels like chill RnB but flows seamlessly over a garage beat. 'Heartless!' he vents, as he bemoans the twisted feelings that have led him here. There's an element of stoicism in the lyrics as he comes to accept his relationship is over - but then despite his misery his cheeky personality comes back to the fore at the end as he bluntly concludes "You kinda suck.". This track is perfect for those long drives and those portable JBL speakers moments with the homies."

Press Shots:

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"MUNBOI's drive and passion for his craft has amazed us all. Working with him has been one of the easiest and most rewarding experiences we've had as a label. We believe in his journey through music."


Get In Touch

If you have any questions or queries about 'Runaway' (Single) or 'Missd Calls' (EP) please get in touch using the contact button below.

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Visual Aspect

All the images and videos for this album have been taken & edited by ShaunDagnallMedia.

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