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'Swipe Left' 

MUNBOI's first EP of 2024,

‘Swipe Left’ drops 16/05.

Have a listen..

Preview 'Swipe Left' below 

“Never go to bed mad, stay up and fight"


About 'Swipe Left'

New EP Release From MUNBOI

Indie pop singer-songwriter MUNBOI unveils upcoming EP, ‘Swipe Left’.

Bracknell’s MUNBOI is holding aloft an indignant middle finger to modern dating culture on upcoming EP ‘Swipe Left’. Featuring 3 tracks, ‘Honey On Toast’, ‘Same Thang’, and ‘Bad Mood’, ‘Swipe Left’ sees the alt-pop chameleon at his charismatic, catchy, and cohesive best. The project sees him detail two sides of the same relationship-based coin - on ‘Honey On Toast’, a track about ‘loving someone so hard you want to wear them as a suit’, MUNBOI sings about how his excitement for his partner gets him “wiggling his toes”. It’s a declaration of love that acknowledges how silly it can be sometimes too. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that this candid and forward approach with relationships doesn’t always go well. 

And when it doesn’t, ‘Same Thang’ is the ode to failed relationships you’ll need to pick you up. “Somewhere, somehow I’m thinking ‘bout you, although I’m not allowed to: I hope you’re out there and feel the same thang” MUNBOI moans, before getting straight talking in the verses to follow, as he laments a relationship with a partner who would reappear in the good times and ghost in the bad.


Meanwhile, on ‘Bad Mood’, a song written in a mystical and misguided time where MUNBOI thought ‘Matching Tattoos are quite cool actually’, he glides effortlessly over a glittery, keys and brass-led beat, unphased by the relationship ups and downs detailed in the rest of the project.

Lead single ‘Honey On Toast’, which MUNBOI surprise dropped a fortnight ago, has already racked up 55k streams on Spotify alone - with no playlist, radio, or press pitching until today. It’s a bop, simple as. Perfect for Summer playlists, it’s not hard to see why the first chapter in the project has gone down a storm already - and the rest will surely follow.

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"MUNBOI's drive and passion for his craft has amazed us all. Working with him has been one of the easiest and most rewarding experiences we've had as a label. We believe in his journey through music."


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Visual Aspect

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