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New Album Release From MUNBOI

MUNBOI is a committed and talented music producer, engineer and artist. Releasing his 12 track debut album 'EUDAIMONIA'. Born in the South of England MUNBOI takes inspiration from his past encounters mixed with stoic philosophy within the last couple years to produce a versatile album of live music. 'EUDAIMONIA is a fun funky multi-genre album with elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Alternative soundscapes.

This album is a reflection of his past self showcasing many detailed instrumentals and messages of philosophy throughout on which each listener can interpret themselves. Every time you listen to this album you hear something new, showing off the music production technicality and shimmers of ear candy MUNBOI provides. This album is perfect for Chill, Alternative, Indiepop and Alternative Hip-Hop playlists. With tracks covering multiple genres being reflective of all moods from happy to sad.

This album is a breath of fresh air from recent popular music, but it still shows glimmers of inspiration from other artists like Tyler The Creator to Jamiroquai. This album is for those summer days with the homies or those rainy nights alone. MUNBOI wishes people to enjoy and relate to the listening experience, to take what you need and feel inspired. 


"MUNBOI's drive and passion for his craft has amazed us all. Working with him has been one of the easiest and most rewarding experiences we've had as a label. We believe in his journey through music."



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